Friday, January 16, 2009

Social Workers Offer Support

On the weekend, I spoke of feeling extremely tired and was concerned that if it ever got worse, I/we may need help/support with my care. I said I was going to get some information and I promised I would post it on my blog.

Tuesday I gave the Cross Cancer Institute a call and asked to speak to a Social Worker. Yesterday I met with her and this is some of the information she provided me:
  • Capital Health Community Care Services – The social worker said, that in Alberta, home care services provided by Capital Health are free. Apparently, either you or your doctor can initiate a request for these services.
  • Classic Caregivers Ltd – This Company provides a variety of home care services but at a cost to you. I know there are other home care providers in Edmonton but this is what the social worker recommended.
  • Phillips Lifeline – Lifeline is a medical alarm service. You wear a necklace or a watch with a personal help button on it. There is a cost to you.
  • Edmonton Meals on Wheels – They provide meals at a cost.

The social worker was most helpful and offered tons more information dealing with hospice care and funeral arrangements. I took it all home and will have to spend some time digesting it all.

Regardless, I feel better because now I have the information ... just in case.

I do have family that is there to help ... but I’m one of these stubborn self-reliant people who has difficulty accepting help ... so for peace of mind, I need to make sure I have it covered.

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