Friday, January 9, 2009

Effects Of Fatigue

Just so everyone has a better understanding of the fatigue that may be caused by chemo, I wanted to share some of what I've experienced with my treatment.

The effects vary ... are worse and are better .... with different times of the cycle:
  • There are days I have no energy and spend the whole day on the couch or in the chair watching TV.
  • I feel like I have no strength to do anything.
  • Sometimes I have difficulty doing the smallest chores such as brushing my teeth, showering or cooking.
  • I may have a hard time concentrating and/or focusing on simple things like watching TV, reading and taking care of everyday mail.
  • Some days I have trouble thinking, speaking, making decisions and/or remembering the most simple things.
  • I become breathless after only light activity ... for example ... 'huffing and puffing' coming up the stairs from the basement.
  • Sometimes, I feel more emotional than usual ... I might be more impatient with people and therefore might avoid socializing just because it is too much effort. It is just easier to stay at home.
For me, chemotherapy takes the 'wind out of my sails' ... I often do not want to do much of anything. I think some people have difficulty with this concept ... because they think you should be able to go walking and shopping and maybe even go back to work. I've been asked if I'm getting bored yet ... and at this point I can say ... I'm too tired to be bored. I hope that makes sense.

Last night I slept from 10:00 pm till 7:30 am this morning ... WOW that felt good. I did wake up with some achy bones so I know the tonight I will not be so lucky.

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