Thursday, January 22, 2009

CT Scan

My CT scan was this morning. Hopefully I will have the results on Monday when I see my oncologist.

This was CT scan #4 since August of 2008 ... I wonder when I’ll start glowing from all the radiation.

And then there is the contrast material they inject to see things better during the CT scan ... should be O.K. unless you have a history of heart disease, asthma, diabetes, kidney disease or thyroid problems. Did I mention I have to sign off on a Patient Consent form each time I get the CT scan?

... sometimes it’s just better not knowing.

I’ve attached a video off of You Tube talking about how a CT scan machine works. The video is short and sweet.


Renee said...

Daria have you had ct scans from aug 2007 or 2008. because 4 in only 5 months is a heck of a lot. I get them every four months.

Just wondering.

are you suffering from scanxiety.

Love renee

Daria said...


Yes from August 2008 ... because I am on a study, they have me go for a CT scan every 6 weeks.

They said if I wasn't on a study ... it would be every 3 months.

... major scanxiety.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this new word, "scanxiety!" I think that it should be incorporated into medical journals! Maybe the Psycho-social depts could have a support group for it lol! I think we all would take part in the group as that is for sure one of the most anxiety induces procedures!