Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lunch On A Snowy/Rainy Day

Today I enjoyed a really nice lunch with a friend of mine at Louisiana Purchase. We had a yummy meal with dessert and coffee. How wonderful is that.

It was nice to get out but I really had to rely on my friend A. to choose the place and time in order to make this happen. Unfortunately, my focus and concentration is lacking these days and I just can’t seem to make plans and/or make decisions very well ... the smallest decisions seem to be overwhelming.

When I went for lunch, it was snowing and on the way back, it was raining. Go figure.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon working on my school project and actually completed it. It gave me a bit of confidence that my mind is still active and I can still accomplish something.

This morning, as I was surfing the net, I came across an article about Patrick Swayze and I was sadden to read that he has chosen to stop his cancer treatment as the doctors are saying they cannot do anything more for his pancreatic cancer. He is losing weight and is very weak.

I really thought things were going to go better for him as he appeared to be fighting tooth and nail. Dam that cancer.

A friend of his commented that ... 'Patrick regards himself as a cowboy, and is determined to die with his boots on and no regrets.' What more can you say.

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SweetAnnee said...

I saw your profile..and read the part that
metastic breast cancer is not considered curable
but I think I've been cured..I had it through my body
and brain tumors..
Right now I am cancer free in my body..and my second round of brain tumors have gotten smaller with whole brain radiation.

How darn maddening that you have had cancer three times. I was wondering what your first cancer was.. you can email me through my profile..