Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chemo Yesterday

Yesterday's chemo went well. I went to the public library and had chosen four DVD's I could potentially watch during my treatment. Watching movies is a great distraction because it prevents me from worrying about having some sort of reaction to the chemo and its just a great overall distraction.

Some people have allergic reactions to Taxotere that includes swelling of the throat and rashes that develop on the body.

After chemo, I went home feeling tired but I knew once I took my two Decadron pills, I would be buzzing around and sure enough, I felt much more energetic.

I don't think I mentioned, I registered for another course at the college. It is on Tuesday nights which is the same day as chemo. I wonder how I will make it through this course because the fatigue is greater and concentration is definitely a challenge. Good or bad ... I shall plow ahead.

Today my goal is to focus on assignments due for the course. I have a couple more good days before I start feeling bad so I must take advantage of them. If I could just peel myself off the couch and away from the TV ... I'd be well on my way.

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