Monday, July 27, 2009

Sore Spot On Foot Bottom

The weekend has come and gone. I've had a shower and with a clean set of clothes ... I'm feeling good.

Saturday I felt something unusual and painful on the bottom of my left foot. I asked my husband to look at it. He says I have a better idea ... I'll take a picture of it and zoom in big time. The picture showed a small round calloused area with a pin hole in the center. Hopefully it's something simple like a sliver. Since I've been on Taxotere, I've been experiencing Hand Foot Syndrome which numbs the bottom of my feet. So if I did step on something and didn't feel it ... that would be why.

I called the research nurse at the Cancer Institute to ask her advice and she said have a doctor look at it but make sure to stress to them .... that I had chemo last week and that the white blood cells are at the lowest.

Next step is trying to get in to see my family doctor ... that is a challenge in itself ... anyways, I called the appointments desk and she said to call back tomorrow as the doctor may extend her hours for the day. I've got my fingers crossed I get in.

Call me a fraidy cat ... but when you're immune system is compromised, you never know.


Arlene said...

Daria, you are wise to be cautious and proactive. Hope you get in to see your doctor soon.

I am hoping that the problem is just a plantars wart which I have had on the bottom of my foot in the past and which I think I picked up going barefoot.

sherry lee said...

Nope, I won't call you a fraidy are being sensible to have this looked at. Lowered immune system, numbness in the foot -- it could be anything from a sliver or a splinter to a simple corn or callous to a plantar wart...needs to be checked out for sure. And here's hoping it's a "nothing" to be concerned about ♥

Nicole Covey said...

I hope it's nothing crazy...and it's true, you never do know what to expect with a compromised immune system. I'll be thinking of you... :)

Michelle said...

No, you never do. Much better to be safe than sorry.


Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

I agree with Sherry Lee. Sounds like a plantar wart. My kids had them and they looked as you described. With your immune system down, you would be more likely to get them. But if you see red lines and it feel hot, then it might be an infection which would need treatment ASAP.

Denise said...

Praying for a good report! Keep things in check!

Peggy said...


Not a freddy cat at all, you are a very brave women. Only a freddy cat would not get her foot looked at. It a brave thing to want the truth!

Tracey said...

Poor you
Your really getting it all ain't you :(

If it has a little dark spot in the middle, it sounds like a verucca. hopefully a bit of the doctors magic will get rid of it for you xx

terpsi said...

When on chemo and the white blood cells are low, it's time to get thee to the doctor. Don't want something seemingly minor to take us down because the little white cells are out on a coffee break. Will watch for your update. Hugs, donna peach

TNBCAmazon said...

Hopefully that sore spot is just a minor thing that the doctor can take care of for you. But with all that chemo in your body, getting it checked out ASAP is the single best thing you can do for yourself. Hey, sometimes it's the only sensible thing to be overly sensitive about these things.
Hopefully you'll keep feeling good for the rest of the cycle, with no further trips to the doctor required.
Take care.

Sara Williams said...

Sounds like a veruca and funnily enough I have just treated one on my little boys foot! However, before you do anything see the doc because you dont want to fudge things up. Always be cautious.


nollyposh said...

Sounds like a foot wart to me too- i have to be careful in hospital because i can pick them up really easily from there (in the showers) Good Luck hunny x