Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Sandwich

The low level nausea will not let up ....

We went for a long drive and when we stopped for gas, I went into the store and looked at some sandwiches but nothing appealed to me. When D went in to pay for the gas, he picked up a roast beef and cheese sandwich. He ate half and I wolfed down the other half ... it's funny when someone else buys a snack it's always more appealing.

Slept 12 hours straight last night ... still feel like more.


Anonymous said...

Its true, my first week of chemo, I can't look at food,,,,,nothing is appealing.....when I visit my parents and they have my favorite dish....I tend to eat it, mind you I don't taste it, but I still try to enjoy my moms cooking,,,,there is nothing better
Glad you had half the sandwich....sleep yes the much needed rest which we all need.
Stay well Daria , thinking of you
You are always upbeat, I always look forward to your posts

Tracey said...

Have you tried nibbling on ginger, whether it be a biscuit or as i used to have, dried ginger?

It always helped my nausea after chemo. even drinking ginger tea helped.. I also used to make myself eat some dry toast so i didn't feel too weak.

I really hope it passes soon xx

Unknown said...

Ohhh so sorry hon...nausea just sucks. Ackkk feel better hon - a do sleep!!! Hugs, Sarah

Jill said...

It always does taste better when someone else pays just like when someone else cooks a meal you always tend to enjoy it more and eat more.
12 hours of sleep...what is your magic I could use that.
Hugs :)

Denise said...

Hey. I would take a sandwich right now.. This diet SUCKS! I am so glad you had a good night sleep... I am struggling with sleep right now. Not sure what it wrong but need to find out.. I get about two night each week of good sleep, most of the time It is toss and turn and end up getting up.. Oh well , I will figure it out soon..

TNBCAmazon said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the nausea, Daria. Don't you have a resuce drug you can take? My doctor and nurses told me "Don't try to be a hero -- take it if you feel nauseous." They were right.

So as a first line of defense I try my usual remedies: eating a little bit to keep something in my stomach; nibbling on candied ginger; or drinking a ginger tea they sell at the store -- although you can also make fresh yummy ginger tea simply be steeping a slice of fresh ginger in boiling hot water. If none of the above help, I take one of my two resuce medicines (usually the relgan, since the other drugs tend to give me awful constipation, and the reglan moves stomach contents along).
I hope the nausea abates soon! In the meantime, I am impressed that you're getting lots of good sleep. Keep it up, girl!

Oh, and yes, sometimes the appetite only comes when someone else is eating... We sure do get a really strange relationship with food during chemo...

Hope you'll feel better soon!

Peggy said...

Hey 12 hours sleep sounds pretty good to me right now. Am averaging about 6 if I'm lucky.
I know that a lot of healing goes on during sleep so I stress about it and that doesn't help me fall asleep either!!!
Good luck, this too will pass!

Renee said...

It is not an easy road is it Daria?

I always like going for a drive in the car, almost anywhere.

Love Renee xoxo

Jane Thompson said...

I've got constant nausea right now as well Daria - and its horrible isn't it? All I can manage to keep down is dry toast.
At least youre sleeping well and getting plenty of rest. The appetite will return x

Anonymous said...'s funny when someone else buys a snack it's always more appealing.... and i've the same problem too Daria.

Barry said...

I'm currently having a love hate relationship with food. It looks so good, smells so good but can give me severe pain when I try to swallow it. The pain comes and goes so I never know what awaits me until about 30 seconds after swallowing the first bite.

nollyposh said...

Hee! Hee! Me tOO! x

Karen said...

When I had the CyberKnife radiation, I had mild nausea that ginger ale and ginger snaps and ginger candy all took care of. I think I just liked permission to snack!

Luckily I have not had any nausea at all (knock on wood) since chemo started.

Hang in there Daria!

Tracey said...

He Daria.. I'm back again, twice in the same post, i'm becoming a stalker hehe.. anyway, back in May i posted about ginger on my blog.. here's the link have a wee read ette xx

hope its settled now too x