Sunday, July 12, 2009

Clothes Shopping

Last week I stopped by the camping store and bought a 3-legged folding stool. That way when I'm out and about and I'm too tired to stand any longer, I just whip it out.

So today, my husband came clothes shopping with me. I sat in the change room with what I had picked out and he went and got different sizes for me.

Later as I was bra shopping, I set up my stool and sat down as I pondered the bras. I was too tired to look at anyone's facial expressions to see if they thought I was whacked in the head but if I did notice someone ogling, I said to D that I'd flip my wig. That should send them scurrying.


Holly said...

I love you Daria and your three legged stool too!

Sandy said...

Girl - you crack me up!! But you did not say whether you bought any new clothes or not. Keep going strong.

Alli said...

Daria I don't know why but your post made me laugh... just what I needed thanks.. 3 legged stool.... I will have to check them out....
Alli xoxo

Jill said...

I'm with Alli on this one. What a great idea for a seat to tag along with you. Now I bet you would shock them all if you flipped your wig...some people need a bit of a reality check. Sounds like a nice day for you Daria. Now get some rest.

Lisa said...

ahhh..daria's energy- how i have missed it !!!
thanks for staying in touch with me while i have been in blogger hibernation, it really means a lot xx

SINCITY said...

Dear Daria,

Im a silent reader of yours and cant help laughing when i read yr dis particular post!!

Good therapy on a Monday mornin!

Take care and GOD bless,

Anonymous said...

You are so cute and funny.... did you get what you were looking for?

Renee said...

Daria what a funny story.

On the other hand dearest friend. How is your blood? Do you need a transfusion?

Love Renee xoxoxo

Daria said...

Renee, what was it about your blood that required you to get a transfusion ... WB cells, PH?

So far everything for me as been pretty well in the normal range.

Sara Williams said...

What you did with the 3 legged stool shows tenacity, positivity and determination, I admire you so much Daria. Sod whatever anyone thinks of you sitting there, you got out, you shopped, had fun (I hope) and that I applaud xx