Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Tomorrow Project

The Tomorrow Project Alberta is a large, long-term study that seeks to find the difference between people who never get cancer and those that do. Researchers here will follow the health of Albertans (ages 35 to 69) for the next 50 years to gather information on health and lifestyle through surveys and the collection of blood and other specimens.

This year in Alberta (pop.4 million) an estimated 6,200 people will die of cancer and 15,900 new cases will be diagnosed. While great advances have been made in the early detection and treatment of cancer, there is still much to be learned about what causes cancer and other predictive measures which could lead to new strategies for prevention, early diagnosis and treatment.

The Tomorrow Project in Alberta has two Study Centres, one in Calgary and one in Edmonton, with combined capacity to process over 350 participants per week. D has volunteered to sign up and I hope others here do too. For more information, please follow this link …

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