Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Have Clean Teeth Once Again

Most of adult life, I’ve been in to see the dentist once a year and the hygienist twice a year. But when I was diagnosed with mets, that all changed. When I was due for my regular cleaning, I remember asking the Onc about seeing the dentist. Her response was … we should hold off for now. OK … bad breath is not a priority. D talked to our dentist during his visit and the dentist said he can do just a shallow cleaning and there will be no problems. Eventually both Docs worked it out, I delayed chemo one week and had a cleaning at the ~18 month mark.

Well, it’s a year later once again and D said, why don’t you get your teeth cleaned because you’re between treatments right now. So last week I went in and asked if I could get in on short notice. Sure enough, we made it happen … yesterday I had my appointment. Because of my high risk of infection, I again took antibiotics one hour before the appointment.

I’ve been seeing the same dentist for at least 15 years now. He likes to keep up on my cancer situation through D and me and yesterday was no different. He asked how my treatment was going. I said I’m going to be starting PH I clinical trials early next month. He replied, is that a nice way of saying, you’re going to be a guinea pig? I go … yup. He examined my teeth and gave me some encouraging words and off I went. I really do think he is a cool guy.

This morning I checked my temperature and it’s normal at 36°C.


Ann said...

I've been seeing my dentist for the same amount of time and I love everyone at the practice. I recently had to put off having my teeth cleaned because of GvHD of the mouth and it's making me crazy. I just feel a little off when I miss routine appointments like that. I'm glad you were able to get in and have your cleaning.

Bernie said...

Treatment caused me so many dental problems Daria, I am blessed to have a wonderful dentist who did the best he could with my problems. Cancer touches everything doesn't it....:-) Hugs