Tuesday, September 14, 2010

That Emotional Conversation with my Husband

I’m still shaken about the sudden death of my friend Christine. Here I am thinking cancer is eventually going to take my life when in fact it might be some unforeseen complication. So after doing some thinking, I felt a real sense of urgency to do something that I hadn’t done yet and that was to go over my wishes and finances with D.

Months ago, I compiled a folder of information containing my will, detailing my finances and my possessions. I just wanted to go over it with D so that he understood all the details. The problem was finding the right time to bring up these sensitive issues.

So yesterday during our morning coffee, I started out by saying I wanted to go over a few things with our financial advisor. Then I said, but first I want to discuss those items with you, D … and so began the difficult conversation.

It was a very emotional conversation and there were plenty of tears from both of us but I managed to go over everything that was on my mind. It was also a very draining experience but I felt a sense of relief now that that this is off my chest … Now, all the details of my affairs are in order and all my wishes are known to D.


Alli said...

Daria as difficult as it must have been I am sure you can now take a deep breath and exhale now...

It must be a relief for the both of you.....

Love Alli xx

Renee said...

Can't begin to know how difficult this conversation would be to have with a loved one. I admire you for having the courage and insight to do so.

Sending you hugs and prayers of strength and peace.


Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

That conversation must have been so hard but now, you don't have to have it again. Thinking of you.

Holly said...

dear Daria - i know just what you mean...i am so very sorry about Christine!!

Joanna Moore said...


What a difficult task. It must have been so hard to discuss these details. It is a necessary discussion, but I am sure that everyone wants to avoid it as long as possible.

I hope this brings you peace.

Joanna Moore

Bernie said...

I am sorry you felt it was time to have this talk but the good thing is it had to be done, and it is now finished.....I do hope it was not to painful for both of you.
I felt bad reading about Christine's passing.....another angel in heaven, we have lost so many recently.
I am in Sherwood Park for the week, still very tired but enjoying my niece tremendously.....be well my friend......:-)Hugs

WhiteStone said...

We're doing this at our house, too. We hope many more years for each of us, but we both deal with health that could take an unexpected turn. I still want to clean out my files, though.