Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Napping a Lot During the Day

I’m still recovering from all the activities of the family visit this past week. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed every minute with my relatives, but by the middle of their visit I was powering out. Yesterday was the fifth day in a row I’ve had a two hour power snooze during the day. I find I get so sleepy after lunch, that I just have to lay down. I’m out in no time at all and I wake up feeling really refreshed.

With all this napping that I’m doing, I kind of wonder if it’s because of being more active than usual or it’s the cancer creeping up in my liver. Either way, it is what it is and I may as well take it in stride and enjoy napping.


Laura Morefield said...

I was never a napper before chemo and now find I just crash whether I want to or not.

Something I'm still wrapping my brain around. The messages of childhood were that napping was "wasted time."

But when your body says nap on chemo, you nap!

Anonymous said...

Oh Daria, how I envy you the afternoon naps! I get so tired during the day, but for whatever reason, I can seldom nap!

I am so happy that you enjoyed your family time - there is never enough of that, is there? Looking forward to seeing you soon - let me know if you are too tired and we can always re-schedule!

Bernie said...

Speaking of naps I fell asleep with my laptop open on my lap just now.....grrrrr. I am seeing my doctor this am as have ot been feeling well.
Hope you are enjoying your company, be well my friend....Hugs