Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lunch with a Friend

Yesterday I had lunch with K, a friend I used to work with. I could hardly believe it’s already been six years since we worked together. My-o-my, time does fly by. As we sat there chatting and giggling about the old gang at work, I had this feeling … a feeling of wow, that this all seems like a lifetime ago. These past couple of years battling cancer has put way more distance between now and the past. It’s getting harder and harder to remember the good times. 

Our conversation then turned a little more personal when she spoke of both her and her husband B having a cancer scare. He developed a fast growing lump on his neck. When B was first examined, his GP thought it might be cancer. K said it was a very scary time during those few weeks waiting for the scans and biopsy to come back. The good news is that it is not cancer but a benign tumor called a Warthin Tumor, that is easily removed. I feel bad that both K and B had to go through all that stress but I’m so happy it turned out not being cancer. There are far too many cancer stories … love to hear one that has a happy ending.

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Bernie said...

You are so right, we need so many more happy cancer stories. Somehow people are now able to say cancer and non serious in the same sentence. Hope you are feeling better sweetie and not so tired....Hugs