Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sleep ... how sweet it is

Tuesday night and Wednesday night, I finally slept through the night. I took a medication called Ativan. It allows me to sleep through the night. I take it for one or two nights to transition from the terrible sleeps the steriods cause me to have ... to my normal sleeping patterns. It sure works for me. My husband says my breathing is more relaxed and calmer.

From this day forward, my sleep should be O.K. until the next cycle of chemo.

All my life, sleep has been more than important to me. I have always needed more sleep then everyone else. Many times I would rather crawl into bed then go anywhere or do anything. People have always tried to convince me that it is only in my head and you really only need a few hours sleep. "You are waisting your life away .... sleeping it away." I tried my darnedest to be 'up and Adam' but it has always been a struggle. I sometimes look back and think, maybe that was a sign or signal .... that I am not and never was a healthy person.

One thing is for sure, I sure like the winter for sleeping. Dark early in the evening and dark when I wake up.

... guess I should have been a bear.

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