Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cycle 5

Chemo went well. I always get a bed for comfort. A volunteer came by to raise the back of the bed to my liking ... offered me coffee, tea or water ... asked if I needed anything else. I have to say the volunteers at the Cross Cancer are outstanding. The nurse asked if I had taken all my steroids as prescribed. This was my opportunity to confirm if I was taking them properly ... the wording on the prescription was a bit vague ... apparently, I wasn't taking them correctly. No troubles, we got it straightened out. Between the volunteer and the nurse, I felt spoiled. They really care.

The movies I watched on my portable DVD player ... Oceans Eleven and Oceans Twelve ... were great. I would highly recommend them.

I feel great today because, as usual, I am pumped on steroids. In fact my left eye lid is twitching right now and will likely do that off and on for about 8 days.

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