Friday, November 21, 2008

New wig

I decided to include a current picture of myself. I have my new wig which most of my friends and family have not yet seen. It is a little darker and more dramatic that my other wig or my normal hair but I wanted something a bit different. I purchased it from Alfred's Hair ... probably a couple of months ago. Alfred was kind enough to fix my old wig which I damaged by getting too close to a hot oven. I frizzed the bangs from the heat of the oven. He was able to fix the damage. Also, the first wig didn't fit me properly and it was annoying because it would slide up. He fixed that too. Not only does he try and sell you a wig that looks good on you, but he makes sure it fits you properly. Anyways, its a nice change.

1 comment:

ipa said...

Love the wig - even though I have never met you - I can see that the wig is YOU! Tres chic!
Kind thoughts coming to you on a Friday