Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Psychosocial and Spiritual Resources Department has moved

Today I had an appointment with my therapist at the new location. The Psychosocial and Spiritual Resources Department used to be located at the Cross Cancer Institute but has moved to a new location at Westmount Mall. If you click on the link you see all the pertinent information.

Personally, I have found the services they provide extremely helpful. I feel, talking to people who have or are going through cancer is much more helpful than someone who isn't.

I've included some information out of the A Patient Guide from the Cross Cancer Institute.

The diagnosis and treatment of cancer disrupts the lives of patients and their loved ones in a variety of ways. Our multidisciplinary team offers support to patients and their families, serving the full range of their spiritual, psychological, emotional, and social needs throughout their care at the Cross Cancer Institute. You can book an appointment with a social worker, a psychologist, a spiritual counselor, or an art therapist or find out information about our support groups and schedules by phoning 780-643-4303 or 780-643-4304.

Individual service is provided by a psychologist, social worker, art therapist or spiritual counsellor, depending on the nature of the concern presented. Guidance and supportive counselling are frequently the services provided. Individual counseling is available year round.

The Chaplain/Spiritual Counselor responds to patients of all faiths by helping individuals use their resources of faith and spirituality. Support groups, sacramental and prayer intervention are offered. Religious, spiritual and emotional counseling is available by appointment for individuals, couples and families. The Multi Faith Prayer Centre is located by the lobby on Main Level of the Cross Cancer Institute, and is open 24 hours.

Psychologists offer psychological counseling to patients and family members in an effort to reduce emotional distress and to explore coping techniques. Counseling can help deal with special concerns related to cancer and its treatment such as, communication within the family, stress, coping with treatment side-effects, mood changes, quality of life, body image, loneliness, to name just a few concerns.

Social Workers provide information on available resources related to discharge planning, finance, personal affairs, transportation, patient/ visitor accommodation, long-term placement and other non-medical concerns. They can assist with difficult decisions and practical concerns.

Art Therapists offer psychological counseling together with opportunities to clarify and express emotions through creative expression (e.g., drawing or creative writing).

Group support is available in the Department. Sessions are offered on a scheduled basis during fall, winter and spring. Based upon sufficient enrollment, some of the groups offered are:

  • Stress Management and Relaxation Training
  • Spouse or Significant Other Support
  • Family Support
  • Hope/Spiritual Support
  • Bereaved Spouse Support
  • Grief Support
  • Managing Anxiety and Depression with Cognitive Strategies
In addition, patients may also wish to attend tumour-specific groups, such as:
  • Metastatic Cancer Support Group
  • Breast Cancer Support Group
  • Brain Tumour Patient and Caregiver Support
As an alternative to support groups, patients and family members may enroll in classes with such activities as soapstone carving, painting, fibre arts, quilting, journal writing, sculpting and music. Additionally, one-day Arts in Medicine retreats are offered throughout the year for people with specific types of cancer.

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