Thursday, November 20, 2008

Breast friends ....

When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000 I took advantage of support groups and the Cross Cancer Institute. From the breast support group, seven ladies started meeting regularly for coffee. Unfortunately, one of the ladies lost her battle with cancer.

Once every couple of weeks the ladies get together and share some stories and share some laughs. This has continued since 2001 and has created a nice support system. Some of us had returned to work for a short time, some for a longer time but the meetings continued with whoever could attend. Special thanks should be given to J. for offering her home to the 'Summer' and 'Christmas' get-togethers. She has opened up her home to the group even though she has continued to struggle with lymphoedema in her right arm, from her fingers up to her shoulder.

One of the more humorous parts of the get-togethers is that we have a mascot. Sometimes we try very hard not to a acknowledge that because it can be a bit embarrassing. The looks we get at the coffee shops are priceless. People think we are a little ... should I say ... kooky. I've attached a photo of our fine friend.

His name is Aristotle (Ari for short) ... after the great philosopher of course. He makes for great conversation and generally puts a smile on people's faces.

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