Friday, March 27, 2009

Where Has The Day Gone?

This morning I had my quilting session and here is a progress report ... I've sewn all the squares together and I've chosen a boarder. The next step is to sew that border on, sew in the filler and backing ... but I'm not sure what order that is in. The next two sessions are canceled, so we will be at this again in three weeks. One of the tricky parts of the quilting is the squaring of the work. It seems that every time you sew something, it has to be squared. Squaring will take some time to learn. I figure if I decide to do more of this, I'll have to do another small wall hanging type quilt to practice some of the technique I've learned ... that is if I don't forget everything by then.

The ladies that help put on this quilting session at the Cancer Institute are from Earthly Goods. They are an amazing group of ladies and have helped me immensely. I know I wouldn't have progressed with the quilt as well as I have without their help. I have struggled because of the chemo ... my concentration and focus has been lacking and the fatigue has slowed me down.

After the quilting, one of the ladies and I went out for lunch. That was really nice.

The weather outside is sunny, warm but windy ... so windy, I had to hold my wig in place. The temperature is 4°C.

We might still see Spring this year yet.


Michelle said...

Bring on Spring!

We are in Autumn here :(


Jill said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful day so far. It's funny that we think the wigs will blow off in the wind but I think they are secure. That Alberta weather is cold but it will warm up soon...maybe a Chinook will head your way.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear you were at quilting and lunch. Yes..the wind is a bit wacky, but I love the sound of melting snow!
Have a good weekend!

Jill said...

It must be very blowey there ! I used to hold my wig on in a breeze, but as you get used to them it takes more wind to cause that feeling of losing it ! I feel so silly holding my hair on, but no one has ever noticed. And isn't it irritating when you come in out of the wind and ages later look in a mirror to see your hair all over the place ?! You can feel if your own hair is mussy, but there's no feeling in these add on accessories we live with.
Don't you pack a lot into your days despite the chemo !!! Keep up the good work.