Monday, March 30, 2009

Oncologist Visit

Just came back from the Cancer Institute. I had blood work done for tomorrow's chemo. Everything looks good to go.

My husband came with me to the oncologist appointment and he gave away some of my secrets. I am more tired than I have been letting on and the oncologist has decided to cut back my dosage a bit. She says this is normal. Chemo dosages are often adjusted to ensure quality of life and that is what we are looking for ... quality of life. The oncologist also wanted to give me an extra week and delay my chemo this cycle. I asked that we make that decision next cycle because I have my course exam in four weeks and the way the cycle runs right now work s better then if we changed it.

I am sad to have the chemo dosage dropped because I'd rather go full tilt on this cancer. On the bright side, I should have more energy.

To be honest, I don't do much at all and especially this past cycle, I haven't even gone out that much. You just feel so lazy on chemo ... that is the best word I can use to describe how I feel. I don't want to get up from sitting unless I really have to.

In my prior life ... pre-chemo ... I used to be the type of person that couldn't sit because I needed to be doing something. That has changed dramatically.

So back to some of the side effects I was experiencing and wanted to discuss with the oncologist:
  • swollen ankles - not to much of a concern medically.
  • CVC soreness - though it is a bit sore, the oncologist said it looked O.K. I just need to watch for oozing and/or swelling.
  • nasal headaches - the oncologist could have potentially prescribed codeine to help with the headaches but that is not an option for me as I have nightmares when taking codeine. She suggested getting a humidifier in the bedroom to moisten things up.
I still need to get my meds and I guess I will be ready for my 12th cycle of chemotherapy.


Anonymous said...

12th cycle!!! You are a chemo maniac!

I am glad that your husband went with you - it is SO important that the onc knows and understands everything that is wrong - even if they look at us like we are crazy!

Get some rest will need it to help you ace your exam!
Glad the appt went well!


Jill said...

I had the same experience with codeine. Have you radiators in your bedroom? Putting a wet towel or facecloth on a warm radiator will humidify the air, and you can do that straight away without needing to go out to the shops. In our old house we had a shelf over the radiator and I'd place a glass of water on that in the wintertime. Heating always dries out the air. I've also resorted to boiling a kettle with the lid open (it doesn't cut out when it boils then ) when my daughter was younger,but that puts Lots of humidity into the air.
And it's not lazyness !! You rest and take care of yourself. Remember that your body is fighting to heal itself when you are resting. You just distract it from that if you push yourself. Relax and go with it.
I hope you get a good nights sleep. Sending thoughts of healing to you.

Unknown said...

excellent that hubby exposed the 'dirty daria' secrets.
i can understand you wanting to go 'full on' at the cancer but some chemo would have to be better than none , right ?
Thanks for posting about this journey daria and for allowing us to share it with you xx

Michelle said...

I hope that you get some relief from the headache/sinus yuk!


Arlene said...

I agree with Jill's remark - it is not lazyness! You may think you are doing nothing but your body is plenty busy while you are resting - fighting those darn cancer cells and trying to heal you. So listen to the messages your body is sending and let it do its work. If it tells you to rest, just rest.

Sherry said...

I understand completely that you would prefer to have the full dosage of the chemo to attack this full tilt. We have the mindset that the more the better...the heavier we throw the artillery and the more if it, the better off we are. But the doctors know better; they know how much we can have according to body weight and other factors; they know how little we can have so that the drugs are still effective. And quality of life is so very important...and once you have more energy and feel more revitalized, you'll be on that page too.

I love that you are so committed to your course work and don't want to change the cycle just yet because what you have now works so well...and I applaud that. We always have to be our own best advocates and for you, doing this work right now is also quality of life. I'm glad that your oncologist recognizes this too!!!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I think after all that chemo, you deserve some laziness in your life! Good grief, girl, put your feet up, close your eyes, and get the rest you need! Glad your hubby went with you and tattled on you! My sister does that with me, too!

Hope the headaches ease up some for you.


Carolyn R. Parsons said...

Come visit my blog Daria. I've written something you might like to read. I read this post earlier and you've been on my mind and I was determined if I didn't comment anywhere else I was going to leave a message here. It evolved into something bigger than a comment.

Come visit


Duane said...

Hi Daria,

Thanks for your recent comments on my blog.

You have a wonderful site and I'm glad that I know of it now. You have a rich story to share. I'm sure so many survivors are impacted by your honesty and courage. Keep doing what you're doing and I and so many will continue to follow you every step of the way.

Wishing strength and happiness.

nollyposh said...

Hi Daria X:-) i just popped over from Breeze's blog (i hope that's okay) and just had to say that i think that you are a SUPERWOMAN!!! i could not do a single thing during chemo and that fact that you can STUDY!!! Blows me away! My brain went SOGGY during that time (2005) and i have just completed a full course of radiotherapy (with reoccurring breast cancer & mastectomy and MAN i'm tired!!!) so girl YOU are amazing really!

Anyway i just wanted to wish you health & haPPiness & may your chemo go with ease, grace & flow

(ps) i always take hubby along for that 2nd opinion when decisions need to be made X:-)

Renee said...

Daria you can do this.

Remember to breathe.

Love Renee xoxo