Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Early Morning

Well another early morning. Who needs sleep anyways when you have drugs?

I had chemo on Tuesday ... and I’m still feeling pretty good. I’ve mentioned before, I save a couple of the steroids for an extra day and wean myself off of them. So today, I should really be steroid free but have one for the morning and one for the evening. Friday I will start feeling the effects of withdrawal and the chemo. I figure whatever works for me ... to get through this rough times ... besides, I was taking the steroids incorrectly for the first 5 cycles and everything seemed to have worked out. I misread and misunderstood the instruction on the pill bottle not only once, but actually a few times ... even after clarification ... I finally got things resolved when I got it in writing. Apparently, I was to take 2 at a time, and I was only taking one at a time. Thank goodness I had ‘chemo brain’ to blame it on.

With all the surfing I’ve been doing the last couple of nights ... I came to this page. What will I do tomorrow?


Anonymous said...

LMAO! Funny, funny, funny re: the page!

I think I have "sympathy" steroids, as I also am sleepless! Aaaarrrrgh!


Unknown said...

Hi Daria,
I thought I would pop in and give you a {{{hug)))good luck with the chemo hon. I seem to run into you everywhere on the blogs, I feel like I know you! Thought it was about time I said howdy. Loved the "page" - giggle! Sarah

Arlene said...

Loved your comment re: the page as well. I see your sense of humor is intact.

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine today.


Michelle said...

I can relate to up early....

Sending you easy chemo vibes :)


Unknown said...

am lighting a chemo candle for you my sweet- that 'page' is just not funny !!!!
Lisa x