Monday, March 2, 2009

Keeping Me On Track

Today I met with my psychologist at the Cancer Institute. We talked about how ... mentally I was feeling better. We thought it might be that the 'shock' of my diagnosis wearing out. I'm hoping that is the case but just a reminder ... the chemo drugs sure do play havoc with you mentally so it may be short lived. Anyways, my psychologist does a great job keeping me on track.

Speaking of keeping me on track ... I have so many other people who help keep in on track and so many people who offer me support. I just wanted to say thank you ...
  • thank you to my husband and to family for their support.
  • thank you to those who have sent emails and cards.
  • thank you to the Breast Cancer Coffee Group.
  • thank you to my blogging buddies who have supported my blog by signing up as supporters, who have emailed me, signed my guest book and/or made comments to my posts.
  • thank you to my friends who have offered their vacation homes as a getaway for my husband and I.
  • thank you to my friends who take me out for coffee/lunch and make sure I get out and about.
  • thank you to the staff of the Cancer Institute.
I feel very fortunate to have many supporters ... so thank you!

It's another beautiful sunny day but still chilly at -13 °C.


Anonymous said...

I feel very fortunate to have you as a supporter as well. You know Daria, there is an old saying, "You get what you give!" So do not be surprised by the goodness that comes your way - it is simply being returned by those you have given to.
Big hugs,

Unknown said...

ah daria- gratitude my angel makes all the difference, and I KNOW how hard it is to get there some days ( you did the google ! so you know i know !!).

Stay strong my friend- you are being tested, nothing more nothing less xxx

someone should blow cancer up !!!

Michelle said...

Yes, lets blow it up!


Enjoy your good days...maybe the shock is wearing off.

You seem a lovely lady.

-13? Thats painful!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing down all of your thoughts. I found your blog on Kijiji and it's been very inspiring. It's my first year volunteering with the Relay for Life and I hear new stories daily of friends and family diagnosed with this disease. But I never hear the nitty gritty details that you have shared here, and it brings a whole new perspective to my reason to help out. Thank you.

Charmine's Hope said...

Even in your death you are still inspiring Daria. I have only just found your blog 4 hours ago....and I am still reading along with you. I am only on my first round of Docetaxol, for recurrant stage 4 IDC. I only wish I had stumbled upon you earlier, but would I have been ready yet? We'll never know, and I am so blessed to make your aquaintance now.Thank you for paving the road ahead of me, and here's to those who will follow behind me.