Thursday, March 26, 2009

Great Sleep Last Night

I had a great sleep last night. It looks like I'm caught up on my sleep because I'm starting to dream during the night. I don't like dreaming so we'll have to stay up a bit later in the evenings. I am assuming dreaming comes with too much sleep.

I'm feeling pretty good therefore I need to focus on school work. I only have four classes left and with chemo next week ... my studying will be cut back. If I could just get off my butt and open the books.

Not much to write about ... so I think we will stop right here.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good sleep. Why don't you like dreaming?

Daria said...


Generally my dreams are intense ...

All my life, I've struggled with bad dreams/nightmares ... so I'd rather just not.


Denise said...

Peace amid the storm........ sleep well AGAIN tonight!

SweetAnnee said...

Daria dear,
I've been having bad dreams
for a while . we all have to
dream to stay sane..but we don't
have to have nightmares. I'm
sleeping without Advil PM but
the dreams are still not good.

Glad you are sleeping , it's a Godsend

love ya

Arlene said...

I've always thought that dreams were our way of deal with .... and then getting rid of ... all the "stuff" going around and around in our subconscious. Therefore, they were a good thing.

But after doing a little research on the web it seems that there are all kinds of different theories about dreaming. So who knows which is correct!

Here's wishing you SWEET dreams and another good night's sleep.

Alli said...

Daria, I hope you continue to have good sleeps.. Now if you have the recipe for that pass it along... I just have a hard time sleeping through any night..