Monday, March 23, 2009

How Am I Doing?

I've been struggling with a bloody nose and congested sinuses. This seems to be getting worse with each cycle. The congested sinuses are a real issue during the night because I wake up with a stuffed nosed, sometimes a bloody nose and a huge headache. This has been happening for the last few nights, but last night, I woke up about midnight with a huge sinus headache, I took two Tylenol and went to the couch and sat down just to find a more comfortable position I ended up sleeping for about five hours ... sitting up. Sitting up is better than laying down because the sinuses don't get as congested. I woke up feeling pretty good and went to the spare bedroom to catch a couple more hours sleep. I still have a ting of a headache. Next time I see the oncologist, I'm going to ask her what I can take to relieve the pressure.

After my shower today, I noticed my feet and ankles are getting pretty swollen with water retention. I've started sleeping with a heating pad at my feet because my feet feel so cold and take for ever to warm up. I'm assuming the two are related. Sometimes, my husband will say my feet feel warm, but I tell him I am freezing. I think the heating system in my body is all mixed up.

My entrance to the CVC is a tiny bit sore so I may stop at the Daycare at the Cancer Institute have them take a look at it. It looks a tiny bit red. The skin around the entrance to the CVC has always looked bad so I can't really say it looks better or worse. I've had Daycare look at it once and they said that is looks O.K. Well if that is what it is supposed to look like than that is O.K. by me.

All in all, I'm feeling this cycle is worse than the last couple. I'm just not recovering as quickly and am feeling weaker. However, this is a new week and I'm hoping all the side effects of the chemo have finally worked themselves out of me.


Michelle said...

Hugs to you xxx

Renee said...

Oh Daria it is such a tough road isn't it. Taxotere is cumulative too so I felt worse and worse while I was on it. But I still love it because it worked.

I love your afghan. xoxxo

Love Renee

Carolyn R. Parsons said...

Warm sesame oil in the nostrils at night might help..just massage it into the skin, don't drop it.

And rub coconut oil on your feet at night as well.

Just a couple of natural remedies that might help.

Each day is a day further away from side effects. I hope you feel better soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh Daria, that totally sucks! Have you considered calling the oncologist and letting her know about your challenges with breathing and sleeping? You shouldn't have to suffer like that. Renees comment is very positive - maybe this is short term pain....
See you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just came across your blog through Kijiji. You're such a courageous woman and an inspiration.
... Laura from Nova Scotia

Alli said...

Hi Daria
I have been out of it myself for the past couple of days with a headache. I haven't kept up with any blogs. Only to come back read you are not feeling well..

I pray that you will soon be on your feet after this bout of Chemo...

For you congestion have you tried using a neti-pot? My son always has the worst congestion. I saw this method used on Oprah once, tried it on him and it seemed to help a lot.