Thursday, March 19, 2009

Enzyme Behind Cancer Spread Found

I came across an article on BBC News that says ...

Scientists say they have identified an enzyme that helps cancer spread around the body.

Cancer metastasis, where the cancer spreads from its original location, is known to be responsible for 90% of cancer-related deaths.

Institute of Cancer Research scientists have found that an enzyme called LOX is crucial in promoting metastasis, Cancer Cell journal reports.

Drugs to block this enzyme's action could keep cancer at bay, they hope.

You can read the complete article at the BBC link.

Well I think this is pretty good news. The research they are doing is amazing and hopefully they can start pumping out those drugs that we cancer people so desperately need.

My only request is that they make the drugs more friendly ... in other words, make the drugs with less of the awful side effects. Another breast cancer survivor and I were emailing back and forth and complaining about the chemo we had to take and how awful it is. I said, can't they do something to make it more manageable. Why do we have to feel so awful when on chemo? Unfortunately all we could do was vent a tiny bit and that was that.

Later today I'm off to lunch with my friend Audrey. That is always a great time. After that, I must get after my school books ... only 5 classes left. Yippee! As much as I like taking courses, it is nice when they come to an end. Assuming everything goes well with this course ... and I pass, I have two colleges courses left to complete my Diploma. My goal is to have that done by the end of the year. If I hadn't gotten ill in August, I would have graduated this Spring (2009). Oh well, I'm really close and really want to finish this.

Have a nice last day of Winter!


Anonymous said...

Cancer research has come SO far. To all of the neigh-sayers who believe that the money being invested in cancer research is being wasted, I say "pishaw!" Yes, it is the mets that become our greatest threat.I look forward to a cancer free lifetime.
And I look forward to lunch!

Sherry said...

We really are blessed with the research and the new drugs that the scientists keep coming out with...progress each five years continues to give hope that the day will come when this will be erradicated or if not, at least managed so much better. As it is now, many cancers are treated like diabetes with long term care and excellent survival rates.

It would be ideal if the chemo drugs were less destructive and less debilitating. One thing I do hold on to though is the fact that when my hair fell out and when I started to feel so awful, I "knew" that what was being pumped into me was working...that gave me some sense of control, of taking this into my own hands and not being just attacked...but fighting back.

Hope you and your friend have a wonderful lunch!

Cheryl said...

Daria this is certainly good news and the incentive we need to continue the battle.
More and more I am hearing stories of the benefits of pot during chemo. Is there any truth in it?
Must admit have been thinking it is probably worth a try to control this pain that I am living with. Problem is that just maybe I would like it given my addictive personality

Renee said...

I am hoping that you feel better soon Daria.

Love Renee

Denise said...

Praying and hold you up to the Father..... HE has the cure.... I continue to pray for the research.. and pray for you as you go through your treatments........
Have a blessed weekend ..... a God filled weekend.......