Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oncologist Visit

This morning I had my blood work and oncologist visit. My blood work is good for chemo tomorrow. My hemoglobin was 122 last time and is 119 this time. Once again, if it ever gets below 90, I'll need a blood transfusion. They also checked the oxygen in my blood and it is at 97 out of 100. That is really good too. The reason they checked my oxygen is that I mentioned I cough the odd time when I turn to lay on my side. They said the cough might be caused from having fluid in my lungs. They didn't seem too concerned.

My visit with the oncologist when well. I let her know that this last cycle was much better than the previous couple. In other words, I felt much better and had more good days. The research nurse said I looked better and sounded better. I told them I needed a good cycle ... mentally I was pretty down in December and January.

Yesterday I felt so good, I actually did some house work. I vacuumed, I dusted and oiled the furniture. I haven't done dusting and oiling for months. My sister who is a nurse said ... the fact that I even wanted to do house work is a good thing.

Today I picked up my meds for the next cycle ... I also stopped at the U of A Hospital to pick up my prescription of Heparin, syringes and needles. I was told there were meters right outside the hospital ... I didn't know ... parking is now a breeze.

Today I had a really nice lunch with a friend. We chatted for over two hours.

I'm off to do school work ...


Anonymous said...

OH! I am SO happy that you had a good appointment, and that you are doing so well! This is VERY exciting news!
Have fun at class. Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Daria

It sounds like you're doing well, approaching your next chemo session. I'm so happy to read that you've been feeling better, with more energy. I wish you well with this next round, and thanks again for your support on my blog.

Peace to you,

PS - Did you ever wear wigs? I'm thinking of getting one, but I'm not sure if I'd ever wear it.

Daria said...


I do wear a wig ... it's funny I've created a post about wearing wigs ... I will post it later this week when I'm feeling the effects of tomorrows chemo.

The trick is to make sure you get the wig fitted properly. My first wig was annoying as it used to ride up my head.

It was not fitted properly.

Renee said...

Daria I am so happy that everything went well. That is good news and great news that you felt better.

I think of you and Audrey all the time and I want only good things for all of us.

Love Renee

Cheryl said...

Hi Daria
Living with breast cancer myself I decided to check out other blogs that show breast cancer.
I am so happy that your results are good. I will take some time a little later and do some reading on what has gone before.
As I write I am waiting for news of a young 32 year old that is undergoing a mastectomy in Victoria, Australia today Wednesday.
My best wishes go to you..