Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lack Of Focus

Yesterday I worked on some of my school work and found it so difficult. I was just about in tears and ready to give up ... and quit the course. I just had such difficulty focusing. As usual, my eyes water, so I struggled with reading the problems, especially on the glossy pages ... then my memory is so bad; I had to reread the problem over and over again. Well after great effort, things started clicking and the brain cells woke up. I’m glad to say I had success.

After all the hard work, I felt much better because I was able to do it. That is really one of the reasons why I keep pushing to take courses during treatment, it forces me to focus and I get such a good sense of accomplishment when I do it.

I’m a bit nervous about the exams but we’ll worry about that when we get there.

On a slightly different note ... my friend Audrey included me in her blog Audrey’s Journey on iNews 880AM. Click over and have a read. Audrey, thanks for your kind words.

Tonight is my course, but today, I plan on working on more math problems.

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Anonymous said...

YEEEEEAAAAH DARIA!!! I am SO happy that you didn't quit your course, that you were able to persist and to come out triumphant! I LOVE that! You see....THIS is why you inspire me! You have courage oozing out of every cell of your being! Enjoy your class tonight! Talk to you soon. Oh, and thanks for the shout-out. And...you're welcome!