Sunday, February 15, 2009

Flowers And Chocolates

Yesterday I received beautiful flowers and yummy chocolates for Valentine's Day. I really enjoy getting flowers ... it just brightens up the house so much.

Today I'm plugging away on my school work. Looks like I'll be busy with that for a few days. There is no class this Tuesday as it is Reading Week at the college. That is good news.

My chemo this cycle is on a Wednesday instead of the regular Tuesday because Monday is a holiday. That means everything is moved one day over and my bad days will be Sunday and Monday instead of the regular Saturday and Sunday. Class next Tuesday will be a real challenge because of that. Oh well ... we`ll figure something out.

This coming week, I`ve planned a couple of lunch dates and I need to stop at the pharmacy at the U of A hospital to pick up some more syringes and Heparin for my CVC flushing. Heparin is used to flush the CVC to prevent blood from clotting around the entrance to the CVC. Anyways, the prescription is at the U of A because they are the only ones that fill this type of prescription ... that is what I was told. Parking is a bit of a challenge ... so I`m grumbling a bit.

Otherwise, I`ll just be busy getting ready for my tenth chemo treatment. I can hardly believe I`m saying that ... tenth treatment. To be honest, this past treatment was much better than the previous couple. I recovered sooner and felt better and therefore was more positive than I was during the December and January treatments. I`m kind of wondering if they will up my chemo because I did feel so good. Anyways, I told a friend I feel better and have some ... `gas in the tank` now.

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