Monday, February 16, 2009

Gorgeous Day Out There

I just got back from having a Tim Horton's coffee with my sister D. It's a gorgeous day out there ... bright and sunny. My sister was already talking about Spring. First day of Spring is March 20 ... can you believe that is just over a month away.

Today I plan on working on more school projects. I have to jump ahead a bit because next week I will not be feeling up to school work.

Tomorrow are blood work and oncologist appointments ... and a lunch date with a friend.

One of the reasons I keep mentioning my outings is because I want people to know that I am getting out and about. Some people are concerned that I might not be getting out enough. I try and get out when I can. I have no stamina for walking or mall shopping but I do try and get out for coffee with my friends and family when I'm feeling good. That is on top of doing things like getting groceries and running errands. I just plan ahead and do these things on my good days.

With the grocery shopping ... I tend to lean on the grocery buggy for support. I try and do what I can. Yesterday I got groceries and washed the car right afterwords. That was good.

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Anonymous said...

I am happy that you are getting out and about. But...make sure you are doing it for YOU, and not just because others expect it of you.
Nope...I can't believe we are so close to Spring!

Good luck with your Onc appt! I will be thinking of you. Mine is Thursday :O