Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Monday evening Christmas get-together

In my rush to write something about CT scan, I didn't give too much information on our Christmas get-together on Monday night. Three ladies I previously worked with got together for supper at one of the ladies (Ma.'s) home. Ma. has a beautiful home and put on a wonderful supper for F., M, and myself. We had some good laughs ... namely about making coffee. Ma. is not a coffee drinker or coffee maker so when she made coffee .... it was like 'espresso' ... black and extremely strong ... F. helped her make a second pot of coffee and it was much too weak ... like tea. We giggled and giggled and decided Ma. needed a coffee measuring spoon from Santa for Christmas.

'Thank you' Ma. for the wonderful supper and three deserts, 'thank you' M. for the gift of truffles and 'thank you' F. for the lovely Christmas ornament gift.

It was nice to catch up on all the news.

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