Monday, December 1, 2008

The Christmas music offically starts today

Today I was out and about and the malls are busy ... already! Christmas displays are stuffed and music playing in the background.

Now for some people ... this sends chills up there backs but for some of us crazies ... we love it. I'm not a big present shopper but love the hustle and bustle that goes with this time of year. People appear to be so happy as they rush from store to store trying to find the perfect gift ... at least, that is what I imagine in my little world.

Now if you need more Christmas cheer ... Shaw fired up the Yule log on TV .... and they also have a Christmas Tree with music playing in the background. How exciting is that? O.K. I'm a bit off my rocker but I love it.

So to find out what channel to see all this wonderful stuff ... read the article from the Edmonton Journal or just try channel 1 for the Yule log and channel 5 for the Christmas Tree ...

Now if you are not able to be near a TV ... the radio station that plays the most Christmas music is EZ Rock 104.9. There that should put you in the mood.

Ho Ho Ho!

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ipa said...

Dear Daria,
So glad to hear that you are getting into the Christmas spirit. I'm trying - (John would say "very trying!")
I do like the Christmas season and hope that it goes well this year for all of us.
I am having a little Christmas nibbles and booze thing on Dec 13 -I do hope people come to see John as I fear there may not be another Christmas for him.
So - I'm trying to play some fun Christmas songs on the computer. How about "Grandma got run Over By a Reindeer!"
Off to write some cards to send to family in England - isn't postage outrageous?
Ho and Ho Ho!
Pam xx