Tuesday, December 2, 2008

And the snow came ...

Well, the snow finally came ... rumor has it, it isn't going to stay.

I continue to listen to Christmas music ... which leaves me quite emotional ... or is it that I am emotional and want to listen to Christmas music. Whatever the reason, when I'm alone, the car radio seems to open up the 'tear' valves.

Last night I watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas ... the original 1966 version and I also watched Shrek the Halls and I guess Charlie Brown is next Monday. Here is a preview courtesy of You Tube .... Charlie Brown Christmas. These are a traditional must see.

Today I spent time shopping ... with really nothing to buy ... when, what happened to catch my eye but a Second Cup. I stopped in and had a coffee and apple/cinnamon muffin. Yum! They sure do have great fresh muffins and such. The coffee shop was busy ... which made for great people-watching.

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ipa said...

Hi Daria,
Me and Him went Christmas looking today! I was going to buy a Dell laptop - but have seen a Toshiba that stole my heart - I think that is what will end up in my Christmas stocking.
Stores full of lookers - not too many spenders...hmmm! Doesn't bode well for the economy.
After shopping, we went to a local dive and had chili fries with cheese!Healthy food - not!But pushing him around wears me out and chili fries give me energy! Well, that's my excuse - and I'm sticking to it.
Big docs appt tomorrow to find out what will happen next - please think of him.
Kindest thoughts coming your way