Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Yesterday was a good day ....

.... my fatigue is improving and I'm excited because Christmas is here ...

Yesterday my sister A. and her husband P., stopped by with a 'care package' for me:
  • 2 rings of kolbasa ... not any kolbasa but Stawnichy's Garlic Sausage from Uncle Ed's
  • a jar of cooked beans ... they are mashed with lots of garlic ... it's a Ukrainian dish
  • a large jar of pickled herring
  • a box of chocolates
  • a bottle of rum
You can see this is a very unique 'care package' that can only be appreciated by a select few. O.K. I'm the Uky ... and I appreciate it ... the kolbasa, the cooked beans and the pickled herring.

The chocolates and rum are more for D.'s enjoyment.

I also received a beautiful Christmas arrangement and a book from my sister O., from California. The arrangement has a beautiful scent.

.,.. fortunately or unfortunately it has to compete against the aroma of the garlic sausage.

These were definitely the pick-me-uppers I needed.

Thanks a million for thinking of me ...

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