Thursday, December 18, 2008

'Breast Friends' Christmas get- together

Last night we had our 'Breast Friends' Christmas get-together. The group started meeting twice a month after meeting in a breast cancer support group in 2000.

J. graciously hosts the Christmas event each year .... even though she struggles with lymphedema in her right arm. Each of the ladies brings something hot or cold and the meal always ends up delicious ... and to top it off, one of the ladies, I., is an outstanding dessert maker. Her desserts look like they are straight out of a magazine and they taste absolutely the best.

J.'s home is always so inviting that we really enjoy going over there and with the gift exchange ... we walk away with all sorts of 'girly' things like candles, creams, lotions, soft and cuddly stuff.

Merry Christmas to the ladies ... A., C., I., J. and S.

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