Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Getting in Some Exercise

Yesterday D and I went to the mall. The weather here is 10 degrees below normal... around the -20C (-4F) mark during the day. So the mall is the place to go to be Molly and Wally mall walker and get some exercise. We walked a good while and then stopped for coffee and cinnamon buns ... did some people watching... and finally off to our nice warm home.

I received an email that my Second Cup friend C was in the hospital ... stint issues ... so last night I went and visited her. She looks great, feels well and could be out any day. I’m sure hoping that happens sooner than later. Have I told you lately ... cancer sucks!


Renee said...

Cancer sucks total shit.

I hate it and love you.


Anonymous said...


My story begins as your did. I had milk production, (Not pregnant) then they found abnormal pituitary. The abnormality somehow shrunk but left a empty cella. However for 15 years I produced milk. No one did a thing about it said we think it's the empty cella causing this. I always had endometriosis, over 6 surgeries and then at 45 a partial hysterectomy leaving my ovaries. All this along with autoimmune disease, and many other surgeries. So then Enbrel injection every 3rd day of 50mgs. For some reason I felt something is wrong pain and swelling in breast and under breast. I was told it was my autoimmune disease. Then swelling in my arm, again autoimmune disease. I knew it wasn't that. So they checked my heart all was fine. I said what about my breast, no, swelling from autoimmune disease. Well I demanded a mammogram immediately. Had a lump, it's malignant adenocarcinoma er, pr and erbb2 positive. So I want to ask you a serious question. I've had over 10 surgeries down to the bone with my autoimmune disease. Without my medication I couldn't even walk or move or dress myself. I'm at a point of quality of life not quantity. I personally could not go through at this point all that you have. I'm medically spent. I find all my doctors to be the best, but front office people and schedulers I hate them all (truly). I have had 10 allergic reactions to medications, lymphedema three times in the past wearing jobe sleeves and also burn sleeves to control swelling. I no longer can take prednisone, got glaucoma from that. I've fought to stay alive for the last 20 years and been hospitalized every year. I'm tired of it all. Told doctors such this past summer, can I have a break and they said no. I would like three more years of life. If I do nothing with the cancer do you think I could have that long? I'm not sure my stomach, liver (which I've had some of it removed in the past) and immune system could really deal with this all. I've never smoked, use alcohol or drugs, and am a health food person. I haven't done white stuff, meat, eat organic for over 20 years. I've alway been under weight and from all the meds this year that they started me on I've gained 40lb. This has caused ankle problems. I just don't see my body dealing with chemo, radiation etc. I truly bow down to all of you who have been doing this for years. Twenty years of fighting for life with other health problems and now cancer. I give up. I want to enjoy what life I have with quality, being able to drive, walk on a beach and live. Treatment means more down time, why is it that everyone thinks opting out for surgery and treatment is crazy. I think it's being truthful. Reading all that you have gone through and others with stage 2 grade 2 cancer makes me say, not for me. But will I have three years? said...

Good for you, Daria. Research shows that it helps with cancer treatment. Our weather isn't too bad, so Ron has been going for daily walks in the afternoon with our daughter and two dogs. He is trying to exercise more-- The Wii on cold and rainy days. During the week I get my exercise walking several blocks to and from the bus. I am trying to be more brisk in my stride. Some days it is a struggle to dodge rain puddles! Walking inside the mall is a great idea. Only on the island, there isn't one! :)

Elsa D. said...

;) yeah it sucks!
Have a Healthy and Happy year Daria

Anonymous said...

i'm learning more about the sufferings due to the big C by reading your blog posts, cancer really sucks!