Friday, January 8, 2010

Knitting Group

I signed up for a knitting group through the cancer clinic. It’s a drop in group so no pressure to be there or complete a particular project. You can even bring your own projects from home. The facilitators wanted something causal. Previously, they noticed that the knitters were so busy knitting and not talking or socializing with each other. With a more casual atmosphere, there should be more time to yak ....and boy’o boy did we yak.

It’s interesting to see how these groups bring people from all backgrounds and professions to one commonality ... cancer.

Btw, I started a funky scarf.


Jill said...

A funky scarf sounds cool Daria. You will have to take a photo and post it when you are done.
Have a great weekend!

Carol Urban said...

Are you new to knitting? I love to knit and it really does alleviate stress. When I knit I forget everything else. If it isn't a terribly difficult pattern I can still knit and hold a conversation. :) My mom would say usually I can't walk and chew gum at the same time. haha Have fun!

Renee said...

Great idea Daria.


Michelle Leddel said...

Hi Daria,

Every day I enjoy reading your blog, you in Canada, me in the USA. Thanks

Stephanie said...

I'm sure knitting has got me through some of the worst bits of my dance with cancer. Good for you!