Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Xeloda Toe

Since the skin on my big toes suddenly cracked and bled, I’ve taken serious action ... I now moisturize my feet two times a day and wear socks 24/7. I pay special attention to my big toes by applying a bunch of lotion on to a piece of gauze and tape it on to my toes. I think the extra moisture and the protection that the gauge provides helps with healing.

It appears to be working because the cracks look like they are getting smaller... which is a great. I’ve also started wrapping up my thumbs as well because I noticed that a layer or two of skin peeled off in December. I’m hoping that by mega moisturizing them, I can prevent any cracking and repair some of the damage already done.

All my life I’ve had dry skin and my feet take a beating through winter. Usually I’ve had trouble with skin cracks appearing around my heals, so I haven’t paid much attention. But with being on Xeloda, I now know that frequent application of a moisturizer a must.


Levi said...

I hope you have some good greasy "cream" for those toes. OUCH! Nice cotton socks.
Be careful you don't become infected. (Now I sound like your mother!)

Whidbey Woman said...

That's good that you are being both proactive and aggressive in your care. :)

Michelle said...

That Heel Balm stuff is good for feet. I am thinking of you and hope your scan results are good :)

WhiteStone said...

You are so calm about all that you deal with! I, on the other hand, grump and complain about every little thing! lol