Saturday, January 16, 2010

Big Toe Skin is Split and Bloody

Just after I got out of bed today, noticed an unusual feeling on the bottom of my big toe, right foot. When I looked at it ... there was a small bloody vertical split in the skin near the center of the pad ... and I have no idea how it happened.

I quickly cleaned up the wound and put a bandage on before D and I met my sister and mother for breakfast. When I came home, I soaked the toe in a solution of warm water and salt. Then, I applied Polysporin and wrapped it up in gauze. I also noticed my other big toe was looking like some of the layers of skin where peeling away so I put some lotion on and wrapped it too.

All along, I’ve been trying to figure out how it happened. We checked my inside of my socks and the bed sheets for signs of blood and found nothing.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I didn’t step on anything or kick anything....the skin on my big toe just split open. This is one of the documented side effects of Xeloda. All along I have been diligent about putting cream on my feet but looks like I need to do a visual underneath as well.

Attached is a bottom shot of my big toe ....


l'optimiste said...

ow!! does it hurt - it looks like it does! maybe wear socks all the time? even in bed. put the lotion on, then the socks on top.

I hope it doesn't get worse

Anonymous said...

what an odd coincidence, BOTH of my big toes have done the same, it's gotten pretty painful and I too have been using creams, ointments, bandages and nothing seems to work!
I just cannot afford a foot doctor right now. I make sure I always have 'something' on my feet and at bedtime I even have been applying antibiotic cream and wearing socks to bed. Deb

WhiteStone said...

Oh, my! Ouch! Hope your toes heal and return to wellness.

Tina said...

Looks painful! Make sure to mention it to your doc. Hope it heals soon for you!

BLOGitse said...

oi, oi, oi - I hope it gets better soon!

Anonymous said...

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