Saturday, January 2, 2010

Seems I Have More Energy

I can hardly believe it but on New Year’s Eve I actually stayed up till past midnight.... And with an abundance of finger food, chocolate and coffee I was a kind of worked up. This meant I was a bit more tired than normal on New Year’s Day. So last night I decided to take an Ativan before going to bed. I woke up this morning at around 8, feeling a bit groggy and headachy. I took 3 shots of Benadryl and one regular aspirin and then slept three more hours. Now I’m feeling good.

As far as my body goes, my calves are suppler and not as tight, allowing me to move around so much easier. My feet are still swollen a bit but they aren’t a huge issue right now. It’s a bit strange, but my other muscles are now sore ... like my thighs, like I’ve been doing squats or something. I think it’s just me being more active and working them.

I’m finding more energy to go do laundry. And now I can easily cook without the need of a chair in the kitchen. My motivation to do stuff is slowly coming back and my body is begrudgingly following suit.


Anonymous said...

Yay Daria, you go!
hugs, Deb

Teresa said...

Glad to hear it. I hope things continue to improve for you. My biggest remaining issue appears to be insomnia. And isn't that ironic? After how exhausting chemo is? Ah well, I shouldn't complain. Wishing you much energy,

Carol Urban said...

Isn't it wonderful when you actually have the energy and find you want to do household activities? Yay to you!