Thursday, January 7, 2010

Out and About

Last night D and I went out with a few girlfriends, mine not his... the other husbands were busy. As we drove up to this new bar downtown, I said to D, let’s see if we can get lucky with a parking spot right in front ... well sure enough, one guy was just getting into his car to leave ... yippee, we did get lucky.

This particular bar was new in town and was offering a real good deal on hors d'oeuvres ... the wings were great. The bar was packed and it was nice to get out and experience a bit of the night life again.

August was the last time we were together and it was good to see the girls again. They all look so good. Two of them are long-time breast cancer survivors and are doing real well.

Still quite cold here. Thank goodness for our remote car starter; it sure came in handy at home time.


Barbara said...

Good for you it's nice to get out and socialize with friends.

Kerry ABOUT ME said...

I'm glad you got a nice night out on the town. You deserve it.


JENIE=) said...

one thing im lucky about is the parking space. that whenever we go out, though almost impossible to park in such a crowded lot, someone suddenly backs out and voila FREE SPACE. ;)

missing your visits dear! come see also my newly constructed

AND MY OTHER BLOGS, have you seen them?

life round me N you

Levi said...

Great that you were out at the bar. And nothing like front row parking. I often try my luck with that, thinking I can magically produce parking spaces if I wish hard enough.
Please check out the photoblog I'm doing. There is a special photo from today for survivors.

Barry said...

Great to hear you're getting out and about! That is terrific news.

I just had chemo today so, if I judge by past experience, I'll be sleeping for the next few days.

Renee said...

Oh Daria I don't even know if it is strength. I just have no choice but to keep moving.


Anonymous said...

having a good time eh? i smiled when i read your line..."went out with a few girlfriends, mine not his..."

Levi said...

Daria, It's a lot of fun finding things to photograph daily. I totally think you should go for it.
Then let me know the url. :-)