Friday, January 29, 2010

Gift From a Friend

My good friend Arlene crocheted this beautiful shawl for me. It`s so soft and cuddly ... I can`t even tell you.

A bit about Arlene... she has been like a big sister to me especially when it comes to my cancer journey. We met at the Cross Cancer Clinic back in 2000 when we were both going through chemo for breast cancer. It turned out our treatments were identical. She progressed through things just a bit ahead of me because my white blood cells wouldn’t recover in time for a 3-week rotation, so I had to wait four weeks between treatments. Because Arlene was ahead of me, she always gave me the scoop on what to expect next. I can’t tell you how helpful that was for me back then. And she has been great support through my reoccurrences too.

I’m glad to say Arlene is cancer free and doing real well.

Thanks Arlene for the wonderful shawl and for being my good friend.


Roxanne said...

What a beautiful shawl and an even more beautiful friend. Hope it keeps you warm and warms your heart!! Blessings to you:)

Iris said...

Oh, I love shawls, and that one is lovely. What a nice friend you have.

Anonymous said...

Aw how sweet Daria. hugs! I think the fashion is coming back to wearing shawls.

Barry said...

One positive thing cancer breeds is generosity and kindness.

Of course you pay a high price for that, but that only makes the gifts more precious.

The Dirty Pink Underbelly said...

I agree with Barry. Well said.

Beautiful shawl Daria, you are lucky to have made a great friend through your journey!!