Monday, January 11, 2010

Lymphedema Appointment

I just got back from seeing the physiotherapist ... a follow up appointment for my lymphedema. After measuring up my arm and hand she said I had lost a lot of fluid ... a dramatic improvement she said. Now that’s what I like to hear... tho I continue to have too much fluid in my hand. The glove sewn for me four months ago is not as tight fitting as the sleeve and now it’s too big. She gave me a couple of loaner gloves to try out until I make up my mind on size. Then I’ll purchase a new one in a couple of months. Government Insurance here subsidises 50 % of the purchase of two gloves and sleeves per year.

In addition, the physiotherapist suggested that we should try something new in combination with the glove and sleeve to help massage the fluid out of my hand. She put this stretchy sticky tape that wraps around the base of my fingers and on up my forearm. She stretched it 25% as she applied it. This tape helps pump the fluid out of the hand area as I flex my wrist throughout the day. She gave me a couple of extras that I can apply myself. This tape can be purchased at medical supply stores and the bonus is ... I can take a shower with it. Just need to let it dry out before I put my sleeve and glove back on.

Good news ... all and all.


Sherry said...

Wonderful news that the swelling has gone down...and now with this new "tape" for your hand, you will, certainly it's hoped, see a decrease in the fluid there.

Isn't it remarkable and wonderful that new products for lymphedema are being discovered and employed!!??

WhiteStone said...

Very interesting! Glad the swelling is going down.

BLOGitse said...

Greetings from Cairo! :)

Renee said...

Now that I do like to hear to.


The Dirty Pink Underbelly said...

Good news on the swelling. Love you!

Barbara said...

I'm glad the swelling is going down. After I had my breast removed, I did not have that problem.

I never knew that you could wear something like that to bring down built up fluids. I find the information about the glove very interesting.