Friday, January 15, 2010

Knitting Group

Last night I had a rough sleep ... waking up often and with numerous bad dreams. Obviously I’m a bit anxious. I’m thinking it has to do with next week’s CT scan. Tonight I’ll definitely be taking an Ativan ... may even take half a pill this afternoon.

This morning I had my knitting group. I started the group still trying to recover from the bad night’s sleep but as time went on I started to feel a bit better. I think what was most helpful was when one facilitator sat down beside me to chat. We ended up talking about my cancer blog. Well I definitely perked then because I love to talk about my blog and how helpful it is for me to cope with my cancer. I love to share how much support fellow cancer bloggers have given me. We ended up talking a bit about her mother who had metastatic breast cancer and was given a poor prognosis ... she lived with that for 25 years before a new cancer came along. You know what ... I really needed that chat.


ADB said...

I'm pleased you found the right person to chat to about your fight with cancer. Keep going!

Renee said...

Oh those chats are so important Daria.


Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

I've read that anticipation of possible bad news is many times more distressing than even hearing the bad news itself. We are hoping for good news with the scans. It does seem that your new chemo is controlling things well without taxotere's nastiness.

whidbey woman said...

...And I needed this post.
There is always hope. People with cancer can and do live a long time.
Bless you, Daria.