Monday, January 5, 2009

To Much To Remember

Just came back from seeing the oncologist ... and I was given too much information to remember. I'll give you most of what I do remember.

The doctor and I reviewed the CT report from last time ... and it really is a good report. I already knew that the report was good because they gave me the news verbally at my last chemo. As the oncologist read the report out loud, I listened to each and every word she said and/or read and watched her body language for any signs that would show any sort of negativity ... but everything looked and sounded good. I was very happy.

Anyways, regarding my blood work ... the hemoglobin is showing the effects of chemotherapy. I'm becoming anemic. Long story short ... what that means is that after a couple more treatments, I will be needing a blood transfusion. It sounded like this is normal and to be expected. For some reason, a blood transfusion doesn't scare me right now. Maybe it will put a little zip back in my step.

Regarding my watering eyes issue, the oncologist says it is caused by the Taxotere a.k.a. chemo. The tear ducts are clogged and she prescribed eye drops called Natural Tears. If in 3 weeks the problem is not resolved, she will send me to an ophthalmologist and see if he can unplug the ducts.

Tomorrow is chemo and I am ready. I picked up some movies from the library .... so I am good to go.

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Renee said...

I am glad that the tests are good.

I had blood transfusions every month for over a year and at sometimes every three weeks. It was totally fine and I know you will be okay. Don't worry about them.

I am glad that chemo went okay today. On the taxotere, for me, it got harder as it went along.

Take care and I am thinking of you.

Love Renee