Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Morning

As I’m typing away on my laptop, I'm sitting here watching probably my most favorite show on television and that is Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood. The show covers snippets of news that is usually not covered by mainstream news. It is one of the news-type shows that I can actually walk away feeling better than before I watched it. For example, today’s first bit of the show is about surrogate mothers and how these women help others have children ... and how appreciative the new families are.

Going backwards, yesterday was my birthday. I wanted to thank my mom and sister D., for coming by with a cake, a care package of yummy stuff and the great gifts.

I can hardly wait to have my first piece of cake this morning.

I wanted to thank my sister O. for the gift she sent in the mail and of course to D.’s parents for singing Happy Birthday over the phone. That was really nice.

Going forwards, tomorrow I get my blood work done and see my oncologist. I have to get a few things organized for my chemo on Tuesday ... and so cycle 9 begins.


ipa said...


First let me thank you for your kind and thoughful comments that you leave on my blog.

AND, Oh! I am so sorry that I didn't read your blog yesterday and therefore missed singing Happy Birthday to the computer!

48, eh? Hmmm - you don't look a day over 47!

Love and happy thoughts coming your way.
Pam and John

Renee said...

Happy birthday chick.

Glad it was a good one. I totally celebrate birthdays. Another year, we are still here.



Anonymous said...

Happy "Belated Birthday Daria"! I came across your blog today while surfing the net...

I'll come back and vist with you often.. Take care now..

I'll keep you in my prayers Daria..