Friday, January 23, 2009

Volunteer Driver Program

There are so many programs out there for cancer patients that I like to highlight some of them for people who aren’t aware of the them.

The Canadian Cancer Society, Alberta/Northwest Territories offers a variety of programs. The one I’d like to talk about today is the Volunteer Driver Program. The program relies on volunteers who donate their time and vehicles to transport people who need assistance traveling to and from cancer treatment.

The program is there to help people, who do not have other means of transportation, to their cancer treatments. The rides are offered for active treatment only and not post treatment follow-up appointments.

For more detailed information for Edmonton, please pick up a pamphlet from the Cross Cancer Institute or call the Canadian Cancer Society, Alberta/Northwest Territories directly at 780.437.8406 or 780.437.0277. You can also email them at

For Calgary, please call 1.800.263.6750.


Brenda Odovichuc said...

Hi Daria,

Thank-you for your comments and encouragement. I have not read through your blog yet, but your situation looks very similar to Brenda's and I'm sure she will be interested in sharing her experiences and struggles.


Anonymous said...

Hi Daria

Thank you for posting on my blog. I just found your blog and will take a closer look in the next few days. I'm feeling pretty out of it after overworking myself the last two days. I have chemo again on Wednesday the 28th. The last of four treatments, then I start radiation and then Tamoxifen. I'm so sorry to read that your cancer has returned and that it has metastisized. I will pray for you. Thanks again for posting a comment, and I hope you are feeling as comfortable as possible.

My best wishes,