Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Taste Buds Are Lacking

Yesterday was a good day because I got out of the house ... yippee! I’m alive! I had to return some DVD’s to the library and so the dog and I went for a short trip to the mall. The weather was bad and the roads slippery, but I was so happy to get out. We, the dog and I stopped at McDonald’s for a small coffee and a cranberry muffin. This combination is one of the few food items that I can honestly say I still enjoy. My taste buds are pretty well shot and have been shot for quite awhile. I just don’t have much taste left for anything ... sadly it doesn’t slow me down from wanting to constantly fill my face.

Anyways, last week, we received a pound of coffee beans from a friend. I went out and bought a grinder, and we made a pot of freshly perked yummy coffee. How disappointing. I barely finished half a cup. Just no taste and/or interest in it.

I miss my taste buds...

Not only does cancer treatment wreak havoc with your taste buds, it also wreaks havoc with your sense of smell. The nicest smells can turn nauseating very quickly.

The Cross Cancer Institute posts signs in their facility that stress the following:


Scented products and perfumes can cause uncomfortable reactions for some people. This sensitivity may be intensified for patients receiving treatments. Please do not wear perfume, scented hairspray, cologne, after shave, scented lotions, soaps, powders or other scented products while at the Cross Cancer Institute.

How does smell affect me ... well, there are days when I am adversely affected by it. For example, with the hyper-sensitivity and I will smell the garbage, when no one else will or I will smell the carpets or the furniture ... and then there is the smell of cooking. Yuk! Usually I save up some fast food coupons for D., so he can go out and grab a quick supper because I can’t bring myself to cooking. Even with the fast food, sometimes he’ll walk in the door with it and the smell turns me off.

Fortunately, the smell buds do improve and the hyper-sensitivity does disappear.

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