Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blood Transfusion

Since I found out that I would likely need a blood transfusion, I've been doing some research and asking others about the procedure ... and apparently a transfusion is .... getting blood. My impression was that they would take blood out and replace it with new blood ... that is incorrect. The process involves getting blood ... and the best part it that you start feeling better ... pretty well right away ... so I'm kind of looking forward to it.

This morning I snuck out early and got some gas and some groceries and this afternoon, I have a couple more chores to do.

I will be house bound, over the weekend ... feeling the effects of the chemo so I want to get a few things done ... in advance.

Also, later today, my friend P. and I are off to Olive Garden for lunch. I am really looking forward to that.

Yesterday's lunch with A., another cancer survivor, was most enjoyable. We talked and talked and before you knew it ... 2 hours was up and the meter ran out ... so we made a plan to meet again late next week.

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Renee said...


Just one thing about the transfusions. Although most people I know that have had one felt better, I did not. But it also depends where your blood is at. My lowest my blood was at 62 or maybe even 58. Anyway the highest it ever got with a transfusion was 78 so I was still bagged.

But you need it and it doesn't hurt to get done but remember to bring something to do as it is an all day affair.

Love Renee