Thursday, December 30, 2010

Onc Visit

Yesterday I went in have my blood work done. Then while waiting to see the Onc, the trials nurse came in and said … oh don’t get up … I want to check your bp first. It was 88/66. Yikes ! that’s way too low.

We then went into the exam room where we went over the 50 odd some questions on what side effects I was experiencing this week. She informed me that my blood work indicates that my liver function had not improved from last week so we’ll just have to wait another week … off chemo of course … and I will enjoy more of my chemo vacation.

A short while later, my Onc came in … he did a quick exam that included listening to my breathing and checking the inside of my mouth with me doing the aw-test. He did a quick feel of my ankles and feet checking for swelling. Then he checked my abdomen, pressing down around my liver looking for any tender spots. There was one small spot but everything else was ok.

He then talked about my low bp saying that I should stop taking Amlodipine immediately and then if I don’t get my bp to where the top number is close to 95 within the next 4 days, I should also drop the Ramipril from 10mg to 5 a day. And of course, we’ll just crank it all back up when I get back on the Brivanib.


Bernie said...

Oh Daria, you are one special lady, how you cope with so much and still stay positive is a real gift. I am glad they checked your b/p and made adjustments to your meds. Feel better soon my friend, keeping you in my prayers...Hugs

Debra Ward said...

I echo all of what Bernie wrote Daria. You always impress me with your classy, thoughtful and positive approach.