Saturday, December 11, 2010

Knitting Group is Done for the Year

Yesterday I went to the last knitting support group meeting of the year. I joined in January and then it shut down for July and August. Not only was this was the last meeting of the year, it’s possibly the last for a long time as the facilitators decided after ten years of volunteering with the clinic, they needed a break. It was a bit sad to think we might not see each other again; some of us have really grown close.

I enjoyed the company of group because the conversations always tended to be on a lighter side with no shortage of outright laughter. F mentioned we should collect email addresses and phone numbers so we could keep in touch. Excellent idea … around went a piece of paper to collect the info and then we made photocopies.

After the meeting, all 10 of us went over to a restaurant in the mall and had a bite to eat. I ordered dry white toast and tea, which seems to be the safest choice for me these days. We continued to chat up a storm, make jokes and one-liners.

It was now approaching three hours out and it was all catching up with me. I had started feeling a little weak after the two hour meeting and now I was really feeling weak and bit nauseous too. It was definitely time for me to head home.


Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Since you all enjoy each other and the knitting experience, why don't you take turns having it in your homes? The facilitators just got you started...

Daria said...

Sue, it's something I've thought about ... to offer my home,unfortunately, I'm just not feeling up to it right now. We may go that way yet.

Bernie said...

Daria I hope you will feel better soon although I personally think you are amazing attending all of your coffee meetings and knitting clubs. Hopefully you will find a way to keep the group together.